Our Prayer

We give thanks to the creator for allowing this gathering; We ask that he guide us.

And forgive us when we falter and disappoint; For though we aspire to greatness, we are after all only human

Grant us a clear mind, a pure heart and courage; A clear mind to make well thought our intelligent decisions

A pure heart to make decisions that are with our personal bias or desire; And the courage to use both a clear mind and a pure heart in our lives

Let us set aside small differences, let us concentrate on the real issues

Let us not be bogged down in rhetoric; let us live each day with a feeling of accomplishment and pride

Most important let us remember we are not enemies, nor are we adversaries; We share a similar past, a kindred spirit and a common heritage

We must always remember the real reason we gather; To do the right thing for our people, for our children, for our future.

Sister Stories

Native Women Growing Together

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First Farms & Forests Centre for Indigenous Food Sovereignty


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